1st Year Poem 5 (In the Street of Fruit Stalls) Summary & Short Questions

Q: How do children feel after breaking open the fruit?

For the poet this was a sad spectacle. However, children do not have any regrets. They are happy to enjoy the delicious fruit.

Q: What is the theme of the poem?

The Society is divided into haves and have-nots. The poor ones suffer both financially and emotionally.

Q: What is the major symbol in this poem?

Darkness is the dominating symbol in this poem. Darkness represents gloom and misfortune.

Q: Write a critical note on the poem.

The poem ‘in the Street of the Fruit Stalls’ is written by Jan Stallworthy. He chooses themes from miserable settings. This is a symbolic poem. The diction is, therefore, a bit unfamiliar for common readers. The poet describes various stalls in the street full of a variety of fruits. He describes in detail the shape, size, colour, taste and flavour of each of the fruits. He links this description with social issues of vital importance. The poet feels sorry for the poor children who can see and Smell the fruits, but they cannot eat them. These poor fellows keep on wandering about the fruit stalls with a vain hope that they would sometime be able to buy the fruit. Sadly, their dreams never came true. After a long wait, these poor black children Somehow pick up a fruit and break it open. Juice comes out and pours into their mouths and also sticks on their fingers and cheeks. The poet is grieved to look at this sad spectacle but the poor children are least disturbed. They have at last enjoyed the delicious fruit.

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