1st Year Poem 4 (O Where Are You Going) Summary & Short Questions

What does rider say to reader?

The rider tells the reader to go away at once and never come back again. He tells him that his timid suggestions will never dampen his spirits.

What is the message of the poem?

The message of the poem is that one should be determined to face challenges in life. The path to glory is paved with dangers, but still it is worth treading.

What kind of feelings does the poet create in the minds of the readers?

The poet first creates the feeling of fear in the minds of the readers. Later he Creates the feeling of bravery. Finally bravery overcomes fear.

What do you feel after reading the poem?

At the start of the poem fear prevails upon us. Gradually we come across brave people who were able to achieve their mission in challenging situations. This gives us a hope and we feel more determinea.

What does the title of the poem signify?

The title of the poem suggests that there is a traveller who has lost sight of his destination. He is groping in darkness. The poet suggests to the traveller that he should move towards a sure goal.

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