Play 3 (The Oyster and the Pearl) Summary & Short Questions 11th Class

Q: Why is the writer willing to buy the peari? What does he mean by saying. “As far as I am concerned, the whole thing is a pear”?

The writer comes to know that Clay needs financial help. His family conditions are very miserable. The writer is a caring and refined fellow. He wants to help Clay in a very respectable way. He wants to buy the pear to give three hundred dollars to Clay. When he says that for him the whole thing is a pearl, he means that he is buying it for a great cause. There is nothing more valuable than helping a troubled child in a dignified way.

Q: What has attracted Harry and other people at O.K-by-the-Sea? Does this town appeal to you?

Harry and other residents of the town like the town because it is quiet and peaceful. People lead a simple life. They are loving and caring. Although they are poor, but they have the wealth of contentment. I would like to live in Such a town. It is true that modern facilities play an important role in the life of a town. Likewise, good social relationship also play an important role. I think that social aspect is more important than the physical facilities.

Q: Discuss Harry’s “take-it-easy” philosophy. OR What is author’s view of life?

Harry believes in take-it-easy philosophy. This is also author’s own point of view. This means that we should keep things simple. People should not show off. They should not have double standards in life. Even in difficult situations, people should be patient and contented. Life can be made easy by mutual caring and sharing. love, sympathy and sacrifice can make one happy even in difficult situations. Literature and fine arts also play an important role in bringing happiness in the life of troubled people.[the_ad id=”17144″]

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