The King and The Spider (250 Words)

By | December 30, 2018

A long time ago, a king of Scotland named Robert Bruce decided to free his nation from the slavery of the English. Unfortunately, he tried many times but in vain. He had to face defeat in every battle started by him. He got disheartened and decided to flee into a jungle to save his life. He reached into a jungle with some of his soldiers and hid himself in a cave. He was sad as he wanted to make his people happy and free. While he was lying in the cave thinking some way to get his country back, suddenly a spider on the ceiling drew his attention. It fell from its cobweb. It tried to climb but it fell before it could reach the ceiling which was very high. It tried many times but failed. The king thought that it would give up trying in despair. But it kept on trying and trying. At last in the tenth attempt, it remained successful in reaching its home. The king got a great lesson from a small creature which was never to lose hope and give up in difficult times. He took heart, collected his army for one more decisive battle and attacked the English army. This time, he with his soldiers, fought with great courage and achieved freedom and happiness for this country.


  • Try, Try Again

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