The Essentials of a Good Newspaper Paragraph

By | December 25, 2018


  • Impartiality: an ideal in a well-balanced state.
  • Paper as medium of instruction.
  • Newspaper as a means of spreading culture among the masses.
  • A party newspaper and its uses.

Impartiality: an ideal in a well-balanced state:

The duty of a good newspaper in well balanced state is not to plead a sectionist carse but to place before the intelligent man an impartial statement of facts. It should mention the pros and cons of a situation and leave the intelligent reader to form his own individual opinion upon it. It does not lie in its jurisdiction to say that the policy of any Government is generally beneficent or generally corrupt. Such nebulous and indefinite statements are liable to sway the uninstructed public mind in a wrong direction and may not allow their minds to attain their full stature. By committing itself to a partisan cause a newspaper degrades itself and becomes a tool of propaganda. A party organ is ordinarily a. second or third class publication. We should go to it to look into the views of a particular section of the intelligentsia. It never is nor should it aims at being the true instructor of the public mind. A good example of a newspaper of this kind is “The Times” of England. A good newspaper aim at the instruction of public opinion by furnishing its readers with the real facts along with the comments of various party organs on them. The intelligent mạn thus getting peep into the pros and cons of the whole situation will form his own personal opinion according to the frame of his own mind. The formation of an intelligent public opinion is the ultimate mission of a good paper. This can never be achieved by blinking at the facts.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Paper as medium of instruction:

Another duty of a newspaper is to inform the public of essentials of politics and government. This has become most important since the advent of political consciousness in the masses. The elector, before he goes to the polls, must know the real worth of different party programmes and vote according to his personal benefit and opinion. He must know the various functions of the State.

The intelligence of voters to tackle difficult national crisis depends upon the provision of good newspapers in the community. And the nation which has faced successfully such crisis can claim to have a stock of good paper which have framed the public mind on the right lines.

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Newspaper a means of spreading culture among the masses:

Also as far as the world is concerned, it is to the newspaper that we should go for an up-to-date record of the progress of our civilization and culture, so that we may adopt ourselves to the changed atmosphere around us. A really well-informed daily newspaper is a powerful agent for mass education, since, it is commonly the only reading matter that comes into hands of the working people. A good or an interesting newspaper means all the difference between a narrow and a wide outlook on the majority of people in a country.

A party newspaper and its uses:

Where the country is badly governed, it is often necessary to have a party newspaper to expose the evils of the government and educate the people by consistent propaganda into the right way of thinking. Under a dictatorship, also, where the dictator relies for success on a formal carrying out of fixed programme, it is often not advisible to side-track issues by making the paper a sort of “debate”. This work can be done by a unified police and strong daily editorial on the most recent happenings in the world. ” dictatorship; of fixed program sort of “debat

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