Paragraph on Things I Hate (350 Words)

By | December 25, 2018

I have my personal likes and dislikes. I hate some things while love others. The first thing I hate is to get up early in the winter. The reason is quite obvious. I have to leave my cozy bed. Even if all men were to say that I am unnatural, I would still stick to my own habit. Is it not a temptation to keep lying in bed, reader, when the blankets and pillows themselves seem to be dragging one down? But one has, alas! to get up and who can help hating this?

I hate all my good classmates. They never think of worrying the professors, and that creates a very dull atmosphere in the classroom. They never take part in the mischief I like to set on foot. I think they have not a head clever enough to work up mischief in the college rooms. So I take all my good class fellows to be dull, clumsy and wooden-headed people and that is why I hate them.

I hope I am not going to shock you now. I hate the examiners also because I hear that they give. good marks to the candidates if they are in good humour but if out of humor, bothered by their children or by the extravagant demands of their better halves, then they take the straightest and shortest cut and vent their spleen on the candidates-poor unfortunate fellows those whose paper they pick up first.

The next thing I hate is to see people saying with affable courteous bows, “Oh ! I am pleased to see you.” They really mean … no such thing at all but cold civility forces them to say so. Sometimes both parties have been trying to avoid each other and still if they come across each other, they start in this courteous way. I wonder how they manage it, knowing how displeased they really are.

The last thing I hate, but there are many more that I cannot name, is the people who are always pretending to enjoy sights of Nature with their foolish eyes gaping wide and their mouths issuing epithets they don’t understand. Why can’t these people keep their mouths shut?

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