Paragraph on the Advantages of Science

Science has done much to promote the comfort and happiness of man. The primitive man did not know how to use the resources that nature provided so abundantly around him. His food supply was uncertain and his clothing was scanty and rough. He could not even make a fire without much difficulty and labor. But in the modern civilized world, the food supply is guaranteed by means of an efficient transport system. Light and heat are easily obtainable by means of gas and electricity all kinds of fine and beautiful materials for clothing are rapidly and cheaply made by means of machinery. The fact that prime requirements of man are now so easily available is due to the increase in man’s knowledge of science.

[the_ad id=”17141″]Science has enabled man to travel freely and to have a convenient house with various means of amusement. He is provided with railway trains, motor cars, airplanes, bicycles, with theatres and cinemas, with an unlimited number of cheap books, with telegraphs and telephones, and with numberless things that help to make his existence easy and pleasant. At every turn, the man makes use of little conveniences provided by the scientists. We could not strike a match, nor write with a fountain pen, nor tell the time, nor use a lift, if it were not for our facilities.

In addition to supplying us abundantly with necessities and luxuries, science has provided us with remedies against the greatest ills of life. Human beings are always in danger from diseases and bodily accidents. The astonishing advances in medical science have made it possible to cure many diseases, to stop the pain, and to carry out successfully the most dangerous surgical operations.

Science encourages a man to understand his surroundings. It develops intellect and culture. It explains mysteries, increases wealth, arranges large-scale production of materials, helps education, removes superstitions, mitigates unemployment and makes human life comfortable, healthy and happy.

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