Paragraph on Man is a Social Animal by Nature

The lust for wealth and property breeds many evils in human beings. People are ready to whatever suits them to gather wealth. They do not bother about moral values and laws of the country. Our society is a Muslim society, but it is pity that today almost all the social evils are prevailing around us. The cause of this is our deviation from the true concept of Islam. Today man has so much fallen a victim to material benefits that his survival is now at stake. This all shows how adversely evils have affected our society. The different social evils such as bribery, nepotism, jobbery, beggary, drug addiction, smuggling, dowry system and many others are causing great damage to our social life and individual dignity. They are in fact a hindrance in our way to progress and prosperity in life.

Bribery is the worst social evil, our society is suffering from. From top to the toe the members of our society are indulged in this evil, directly are indirect. And the worst is that nobody is ashamed of taking are giving bribery. The situation has worsened to such an extent that even the most honest persons have been left with no alternative. It seems almost impossible to get ones to work done in any department without greasing the palm of the authorities.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Hoarding and black marketing are also very common. Hoarders and black marketers play with the fate of the people. Food adulteration is also a serious crime committed openly in our society. You can hardly buy anything pure from market. Adulterated food stuff is damaging the public health.

Another social evil which is at peak now a day is nepotism and jobbery. Nepotism means doing undue favor in appointing ones relatives to the office. The appointment of inefficient relatives of the ruling classes to the office might lead us to destruction if it is not checked very soon. Sectarianism, theft, dacoities, swindling, cheating, corruption, forgery, delay in justice and so many other social evils have spread in our society at a large scale. To conclude, we may say that almost every part of our society is corrupt and every attitude shameful. The society cannot change until everyone changes himself and act according to the Islamic principles. However, the time has come when all these above-mentioned evils should be uprooted and ended without delay if we want to make our country a true Islamic state.


  • Man is a social animal by nature.

  • Man has deviated from the true concept of Islam.

  • Different social evils are causing damage to our society.

  • Bribery is the worst social evil.

  • Hoarding and black marketing are also serious crimes.

  • Nepotism and jobbery are also very common.

  • These evils can be eradicated if we act according to the principles of Islam.

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