An Ideal Student – Long and Short Paragraph

By | December 31, 2018

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Short Paragraph About an Ideal Student

An ideal student gets up early in the morning. He likes cleanliness. He offers prayers five times a day. He takes exercise regularly. He respects his teachers and parents. He pays full attention to his studies. He also reads books other than those of his course. He is not a bookworm. He takes part in Co-curricular activities. He likes sports, debates, speeches etc. He keeps good company and avoids bad company. His mind is fair. He has no evil thoughts.

An ideal student has no malice against others. He loves mankind. He cooperates with his class fellows. He is neither jealous nor miser. He likes to spread knowledge. He is kind to the helpless and the needy. He is good mannered. He does not quarrel with others. He takes care of his physical and mental health. He does not watch obscene and vulgar films. His conversation is always constructive. He hates loose talk.

An ideal student does not take part in politics. He knows that some selfish politicians misguide the students. He does not take part in strikes. His main politics is to construct his personality. His policy is to get knowledge. So he hates politics because it proves harmful to studies. Every student should try to be an ideal student.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Long Paragraph About an Ideal Student

Man is always a student. The process of learning continues from cradle to grave. This is true but by the word ‘student’ we mean a person regularly studying at some educational institution.

Student life is an important period of man’s life. A student reaps what he sows in this period of life. Therefore, an ideal student has to cultivate all the good qualities of a man in order to build a happy and prosperous life.

Quality, not quantity is my measure.

An ideal student does not mean the student who gets the highest percentage in every examination. But an ideal student is the student whose approach towards his life and studies is ideal. He has vivid approach about his goals. He is ambitious but at the same time, he is well aware of limitations. He has his will and also knows how to materialize it.

An ideal student is industrious. He is determined and does not lose heart. He faces the difficulties manfully. He leaves no stone unturned to achieve his goal. He must have in mind that learning is not an easy process. One has to take great pains in order to achieve something great. [the_ad id=”17142″]As it is rightly said:

If little our labours, little are our gains
Our fortunes are according to our pains

An ideal student determines his destination and then plans accordingly. He regularly checks his progress and keeps an eye on his shortcomings. An ideal student tries to build good moral character, He avoids himself from bad company and tries to reform his habits. A good moral character is a key to success. A student can make or mar his life because it is rightly said.

Habit, if not resisted
Soon becomes necessity

An ideal student always takes part in extra-curricular activities in order to keep himself fit. He is well aware of the fact that

A sound mind is in a sound body.

So such activities keep him healthy and prepare him for work. He does not become a book-worm. He should be a good debater, a first-rate player, and a fine athlete.[the_ad id=”17150″]

An ideal student is not careless and reckless in his doing. He is always disciplined He leads a planned life. He observes the codes of ethics and discipline. Moreover, an ideal student makes the best use of his spare time and holidays. He does not waste his time in useless activities. He does something creative. He visits historical buildings and places presenting the beautiful scenes of nature. He knows that a natural scene can teach more than teachers and sages. In this way, he refreshes himself.

Let the mind some relaxation take, to come back to its task with the fresher head.

An ideal student always proves himself to be a good citizen. He is always helpful to his fellows and never breaks the laws for his personal gains. He is neither jealous nor a miser. He is kind to the helpless and the needy.

An ideal student does not take part in politics. He knows that some selfish politicians misguide the students. He does not take part in strikes. His main politics is to build his personality. His policy is to get knowledge.

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