Paragraph on A Visit to an Historical Place

Visits are a great source of information. When we go from one place to another, we are sure to learn a lot. Particularly, visits to historical places teach us so anything. Sometimes such places tell us stories better than the books on history, It is well said

Architecture is a frozen music.

A visit to the historical place is always valuable for a student. It enriches his knowledge and increases his vision. As it is said,

All history is the biography of great men.

Last Sunday, we decided to go for an outing. I had not seen the tomb of Jahangir. So all agreed that this historical place should be visited. In no time we reached there by bus. We were very excited. The magnificent tomb of Jahangir was before our eyes.

The tomb of Jahangir is situated at Shahdara, four miles away from Lahore. The four tall minarets of the tomb can be seen from a distance. On entering the gate we saw big grassy lawns on either side of the road. The mausoleum is in a park enclosed by high walls. There were green grassy plots with fountains on either side of the passage. [the_ad id=”17141″]The parks were full of blooming flowers. They were spreading their fragrance all around. It was the very charming sight. There were also some cool shady trees. Many birds were sitting in the twigs of these trees. They were chirping. The flowers were presenting a colorful sight. In such an attractive atmosphere, I began to sing the beautiful verses of Keats:

Ah, happy, happy boughs that cannot shed
Your leaves, nor ever bid the spring adieu

In front of the tomb there was a beautiful fountain. It was sprinkling its light shower. The drizzling of drops produced charming music.

Soon afterward, we entered the edifice that contains the grave of the emperor. The room was decorated with colour designs. It is wonderful of Muslim architecture. We offered “Fateha” there. We went up to the terrace and had a view of the city of Lahore. It was a beautiful sight. The cool breeze and deep blue sky had a magical effect on us. We came down and sat under a tree to take rest. We had some light refreshment.

Soon it was evening and the light began to fade. The silence and peace of thei place affected us strangely. The death of the great king, the brave warrior and skilful administrator showed to us that everybody had to leave this world. The emperor lay forgotten in his grave. There was none of this courtiers to salute him. Our minds were full of solemn thoughts when we left the place. We were pondering over the mystery of death and the eternity of nature. We all agreed with Shakespeare.

In Nature’s infinite book of secrecy
A little I can read.

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