Letter to father asking him for some money

Examination Hall,
August 21, 2007.

Dear Father,

I am writing to convey you the good news that I have passed the promotion test. The result was declared yesterday and I have stood first in my class. The professors have been very strict this time and over one hundred students have been detained in the First Year Class. The test was a bit difficult but thank God, I passed the last with distention. A lot of my friends are asking me to give them a treat Last year, Abdul Karim who got a prize, arranged a party for the hostel fellows and now, it is my turn. I might have obliged my friends but as you know. I have a meager allowance in which I can barely make both ends meet. My dear father, I am sure you will be kind enough to send me five hundred rupees so that I may arrange a party for my friends. Convey my regards and love to mother, brothers, and sisters.

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Yours affectionately,

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