Letter to father about new motor bike you have bought

Examination Hall,
Mày 15, 2018.

Dear Father,

I pray for your fine health. We all here miss you very much but we know that you are working very hard to earn a good living for us. We are together but you are alone in a country that is not your own. I am writing these few lines to give you the good news that I have passed my exams with good marks and mother has bought me a new motorbike that you had promised. I am very happy and want to thank you for your precious gift. I promise that I will use it very carefully. Now it will be much easier for me to go to college and drop the youngsters to their school. Please don’t get worried about my responsibilities. I am getting maturer day by day. I request you to pray for my success.

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Waiting for your visit on Eid.

Your loving son/daughter

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