Letter to Editor About the Protection of Wildlife


Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City).
September 05, 2019

The Editor,
The Daily Dawn,

Dear Sir,

Wildlife is in danger everywhere in the world. In Pakistan, too, wild animals are faced with the threats to their existence. Our country has a variety as far as the features of the land are concerned. it has Snow-clad high mountains. It also has vast deserts. Its Coastal line is very long. In short, the land of Pakistan provides shelter to a variety of Wildlife.

The problem is that the game-hunting has killed wildlife so brutally that animals and birds are available only in the zoos or in the safari parks. Many local and international organizations are struggling for the preservation of wildlife in this area. They have given very encouraging results. Many safari parks have been set up where animals get the natural habitat.[the_ad id=”17141″]

At one time our wild areas were the hunting grounds for the Mughal princes. They loved to visit these areas and had camps for many weeks during different seasons and had fun and thrill. Wildlife was in great abundance. Even at the time of the establishment of Pakistan, this area was rich in the variety of wildlife.

During the last twenty or thirty years, violent killing took place that has effaced a few species from the earth. The animals that have survived are not great in number to render beauty to the area. Wildlife is tie beauty of the land. Animals, birds and reptiles moving freely in the wilderness look attractive.

The presence of wildlife attracts foreign visitors. It encourages tourism. The result is that the country gets introduced on the international circuit. It promotes the business of tourism. People of the West like to see wildlife in its habitat. We can attract them to our barren areas by establishing more and more safari parks.

No doubt, it is an activity that requires a lot of funds but it is productive as Well. Moreover, we can appeal to the international donors. With their help, we can save the wildlife of our area and can earn business as well.

Yours faithfully,

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