A Foolish Stag Story (300 Words)

There lived a beautiful stag in a jungle full of streams and falls. He briskly moved through the whole area. One day he was drinking water at a stream. He saw his reflection in the clear running water. He admired the proportionate figure he had. He was so delighted to see his beautiful horns that he bragged that there was no such thing as was the “beauty of his antlers Then his eyes caught sight of his thin legs. He wished that he had legs more worthy to bear such a noble crown. He said to himself, “What a pity to have such ugly legs with such beautiful horns.” While he was lost in his thought, suddenly, he heard the howling of the hounds from a distance. He got alert and the next moment, he took to his heels. The hounds proved no match for him. He ran at the top of his speed and soon reached the thickest part of the jungle. Reaching there, he hid himself in some thick bushes It the meanwhile, the hounds did not lose his smell and kept following him. The stag got ready for another race. He jumped up to run but fell back. His long antlers got caught in. the bushes. He struggled hard to free himself but in vain. The hounds were getting nearer and nearer. He could now hear them barking and snorting. At that critical moment, the stag cursed his horns. He realized his mistake but it was too late then. The hounds reached there and tore him into pieces. Before dying, he realized that nothing made by God is useless. The legs he hated could have saved his life, but his beautiful horns caused his death.


  • All that Glitters is Not Gold
  • Other suggested morals for the same story
  • Do not find fault with the ways of God
  • Appearances are deceptive

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