A Farmer and his Donkey (300 Words)

Once upon a time, a farmer had a donkey. He took it to the market to sell it. His younger son was also with him. Both were walking along with the donkey. They came across a man on the way. He said, “O brothers! You have a donkey for riding. Then why are you walking on foot.” The farmer wanted to please this man. He seated his son on the donkey. After covering some distance, they met an old man. He said to the boy. “Your old father is walking on foot, while you are sitting comfortably on the donkey.” On hearing this, the son descended and asked his father to ride on the donkey. They had not gone very far when they met an old lady. She said to the farmer “You are very heartless”. Your younger son is walking on foot, while you are riding on the donkey”. The farmer decided to please this lady also. He seated his son on the donkey with him. When they reached near the city, they came across a witty man. He said to the farmer, O brother! It is not just. You are two, and the donkey is one. It would be more fair if you carry the donkey. They wanted to please this. man also. They tied the legs of the donkey with a rope. Then the donkey was turned up side down. A stout stick was passed through the donkey’s legs, and both the father and son carried him on their shoulders. When they were crossing the bridge of a stream, the donkey felt afraid to see water. He struggled hard to get free but the donkey fell into the stream and was drowned. After suffering the loss of donkey the farmer realized that it is impossible to please everybody in this world.


  • It is impossible to please everybody in this world

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