A Clever Bat – Short English Story

Once upon a time all the animals and birds of the jungle assembled to select their king. The animals claimed to have the king out of themselves because they were powerful as well as wise. The birds said that they were superior to animals because they were more active than animals and could also fly in the air. Therefore, they had the right to the kingship of the forest. A bat was also present in this gathering. She tried to be over-clever and played the double role. When she saw the animals winning the contest, she supported them, claiming herself a milk-giving animal. At the other moment she supported the claim of the birds thinking that she could also fly. At last the animals won this contest. They selected the lion as their leader and hence the king of the forest. The bat went to the animals and wished to be classed with them. But they knew her double policy and turned her out. Then she went to the birds and wanted to associate herself with them. But they were also angry with her and refused to own her, in this way the poor bat could not help staying alone.


  • A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

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