Letter to your friend asking him/her to lend you camera

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City)
May 15, 2018.

Dear Sufia,

I am all right here and I hope the same for you. Life has become very busy yet exciting. Our college is taking us to Northern areas and everybody is thrilled in preparing for it. The visit is intended to be of one week. It was my dream to go to those places and enjoy the natural scene. I remember that you brought your Nikon camera in your last visit and it produced excellent results. Would you please lend it to me for a week? I have a camera phone but it is no substitute for a real camera. I want my trip to be a memorable one and your camera can be of great help. Since living in the hostel, buying a Nikon camera would be a mere luxury, quite out of my league. If you can lend it, give it to your neighbour Saadia because she is coming to meet me next week. I promise I shall return it as soon as we are back.

I will be really grateful for this generous favor. Pay my regards to uncle and auntie and love to kids.

Yours truly,

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