Essay on Technical Education (650 Words)

Recently Pakistan celebrated its 70th year of independence. We celebrate it with zeal and yet there was little to celebrate. In spite of the 70th year of freedom, we have failed on many fronts. For example, the problem of educated unemployment has been on increase. Every year there are thousands of graduates and post-graduates turned out by our colleges and universities. But they fail miserably to find jobs. They remain unemployed mainly because their education and In spite of so much education, they are not capable of training is defective, to stand on their own feet . They cannot start their own business workshop or factory. They all run after white collar jobs. They seek only government and office jobs as clerks and bureaucrats. While free and independent, Pakistan need doctors, nurses, technicians, computer operators, teachers, pilots, scientists, mechanics, bankers and executives.

Our education system is very defective. It needs to be made technical and job – oriented. It should be linked to industries . Technical and vocational is the need of the hour.  There should be more technical education and vocational institutions where students are taught how to stand on their own feet and not to depend on government jobs.[the_ad id=”17141″]

For want of such an education, Pakistan presents a scene of poverty amidst plenty . Pakistan is rich in natural resources . And yet people are poor is very low. They don’t have even bare necessities. Their standard of life. For one post, there are thousands of applicants. We have failed to use our rich resources properly. It is the proper expansion of technical education and training that can help us in solving the problem. Youg men and women in schools and colleges should be taught how to use their hands with their minds. They should be trained in various trades of their choice. It will enable them to be independent in the matter of employment.

There are jobs but not suitable and trained hands. This is very strange and difficult situation. We need a big force of trained and skilled workers. But it is not there. Instead there are millions and millions of graduates and MAs, not good for anything. The result is much frustration and unemployment. One problem gives birth to other problems. Unemployment leads to indiscipline, crimes, and violence.[the_ad id=”17142″]

We need trained hands for rapid industrialization. We are in urgent need of engineers and technologists. But they are not there in sufficient number. We want experts and specialists in various fields of agriculture, irrigation, machine-production etc. Without efficient and expert hands, we cannot compete with other countries.

Liberal education is not enough. There should be specialization and diversification. The higher education should be limited to very selected few. At high school·level itself, there should be training in various technical trades and skills. So that the students may be absorbed in industries soon after their schooling.

Pakistan cannot progress until there is a fundamental change in our educational policies and programmes. We need urgently more technical schools for polytechnics, vocational and professional courses. There should be many more engineering and professional colleges. Only technical education can put Pakistan on the international map. We have huge and unlimited manpower and natural resources. But they can yield results only if we go technical. Our progress solely depends on our becoming vocational oriented. This is the only direction we should move in and move fast.

In recent years, our government, national leaders and thinkers have realised ) this necessity. Many technical institutions have been opened. Several : agricultural and engineering universities have been opened. Industrial Training Institutes, polytechnics, engineering colleges have been set up. Many courses have been vocationalised. Yet there is need for more efforts in this direction. The remedy lies in more and yet more technical education. Technical education should be taken to the doorsteps of the people. Cottage industries should be helped and promoted. Young men and women in villages and towns should be trained in vocational courses.

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