Short Essay on Homework

By | October 1, 2018

Homework is an essential part of education. No system of education can dispense with it. But some educationists think there should be no homework at all. I think they are not correct. It is also wrong to think that teachers give homework just to keep the students busy and overburdened. The teachers themselves have to check and correct the homework. It means more labor and hours of work.

Homework is important because it makes the students self-reliant. They do spoon at home and get rid of their homework independently feeding. In the classroom they get help from their teachers and classmates. Homework generates confidence, self-reliance and discipline. It develops the skills of doing one’s work oneself without any guidance and help.

It is also a good exercise in consolidating what one has learned at college. Re-application and repetition are must in learning. It also shows what progress a student has made in his studies. The homework is checked and corrected by the teachers. The teachers make suitable comments and give directions so as not to commit mistakes. It is a sure method of improvement and progress in education. A student is often’ asked to write again certain items in their correct forms. It is a very healthy practice.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In the college, the students remain for a limited period. In this short period, all the required work cannot be done. Therefore, some task has to be given as homework. It helps in developing the habit of self-study and learning. Moreover, it teaches how to make best use of leisure time. It also helps in self-assessment.

But it is sad to see students always. busy and burdened with homework. It creates repulsion towards learning. College children should never be overburdened with homework. It should be light, moderate and easy so as to allow them to have some time for fun and games. Childhood is a short and only, once in life opportunity. It should not be deprived of fun and joy in the name of homework. Most of the day they are at college and then if their evenings and early nights are burdened with homework, it would be totally undesirable. Teaching and learning should be without tears. It should be natural and simple.

In the lower primary classes, there should be no-homework at all. It is not necessary at all at this stage. Learning should be an enjoyable experience. It should never be made tiresome, boring and distasteful. In giving homework, the teachers should exercise their imagination, wisdom and proper understanding of the Psyche of the students. By burdening young students with homework, we retard their physical health. We should remember that it is only in a healthy body that a healthy mind lives. Young students of tender age with homework. They should not be treated as beasts burdened have enough time and opportunities for fun, games, relaxation, and enjoyment. Some experts even doubt the necessity of homework. A balance needs to be maintained. The child is the father of man and should be handled very carefully and tenderly both at college and home.

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