Short and Long Essay on an Ideal Student

Essay on an Ideal Student (700 Words)

The main quality that makes a student ideal is study. He is genuinely interested in his books. He does not have to force himself to read. He does not require any external pressure. His parents need not goad him to study. His teachers are confident of his earnestness. He devotes most of his time to his work. He takes pleasure in his work., He does not allow any other activity to disturb or to distract him.

An ideal student is, therefore, well-versed in his courses of study. He is hardworking and intelligent. He is conscientious. The reason is that he is regular in his work. He does not allow his work to pile up. He is attentive in the classroom. He takes notes and improves upon them at home. If there is any difficulty, he consults the teacher without any hesitation. Of course, he does not cram. Nor does the study only from the examination point of view. He, therefore, does not fear the examination. An examination offers him an opportunity to show and test his ability.

Apart from studies, a perfect student is interested in many other things. Books are necessary but they are not everything. A good student always takes care of his body along with the brain. So, he is interested in games and sports. He may not be an excellent player of any game but he has enthusiasm for playing. If he cannot play, he at least participates as a spectator. Besides games, there are other general activities at a college. He participates in as many of these activities as possible.[the_ad id=”17141″]

A model student’s attitude to discipline is worth mentioning. Many students look upon discipline as a check on their freedom. A complete student regards discipline with respect and understanding. With him, discipline is not an external force. He disciplines himself. He does not go against the rules of the college.

“Better good manners than good looks”.

A good student is generally on affectionate terms with his parents and other members of the family. He loves them and is loved in return. He is not impudent. He knows the financial condition of his parents and does his best to economize in everything. He is never a burden on them. Some hardworking students work and earn even as they study. An ideal student, in any case, does not mind working if necessary.

As suggested above, an ideal student is well-informed. His interests are not limited. There is no harm if he takes interest in films. Only he should not become a film addict. Our students do not read newspapers. They think it is a waste of time. They have no hobbies except idle talk. Chit Chat is delightful but one cannot talk intelligently without being well-informed. An ideal student does not waste his time in useless gossip.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Of course, an ideal student is well-behaved. He is graceful in everything that he does. He tries to be sweet to others. He is not selfish. As far as possible he helps weaker boys in. studies. Wherever he may be, he gives a good account of himself. In his personal appearance, he is neat and clean and simple. He does not misbehave in the bus or on the roadside. In fact, the question of misbehavior does not arise. He may commit mistakes as anyone may, but he is not ashamed of admitting his mistakes. He tries to remove them as best as he can. He knows that

“Civility costs nothing and buys everything”.

An intelligent student takes interest in studies, reads a lot, takes part in extra-curricular activities, and has simplicity and grace. These are some of the most important qualities of an ideal student.

Essay on an Ideal Student (500 Words)

Who is an ideal student? Some may think that an ideal student should be brilliant in his studies and always stand at the top of the successful students. But it is a wrong thinking. He should be well in his studies and his scores should be well above 50 per cent. But he need not be brilliant. Brilliant students are often regard themselves as superior beings. Sometimes a brilliant student may be a bookworm. But an ideal student is hard-working, polite and gentle. He is intelligent and practical and never neglects studies or other activities of the college.

An ideal student is ever cheerful, positive, optimistic He is obedient and disciplined and laborious cooperative respectful. He pays proper respect to teachers, elders and his senior students. He is punctual, regular and cooperative and helps other students as best as he can. He spends some of his spare time in the library, reading books, magazines and newspapers but is never a bookworm. At the same time, he takes an active part in activities. He never neglects his body games and sports and co-curricular nor studies. He pays particular attention to the proper and all-round development of his personality . He takes special care to have good moral character and courage. He is friendly, kind and cooperative and liked by his friends and teachers.[the_ad id=”17150″]

He is always active, smart, well-dressed, well mannered and humble. He needs not wear fashionable or costly clothes or uniform. He is healthy, cheerful and good looking but need not be handsome and fashionable. His manners are acceptable , courteous and natural . Wherever he goes he spreads good cheer, warmth, and friendliness. He is obedient but sometimes maybe a little naughty. He enjoys good things of life in moderation and never acquires bad habits. He always keeps away from the bad company.

He aims at all-round development of his growing personality. He loves studies as much as games and sports. He takes daily some physical exercise to keep his body fit and trim. He believes in the saying that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Moderation and balance is the hallmark of an ideal student’s life.

An ideal student is well aware of his duties and responsibilities a student. He knows how much he owes to his parents, teachers and the society. He takes the full advantage of the opportunities offered. He uses his time wisely wide and in a planned way and believes that time is money. He knows that students are the future citizens, leaders, parents and scientists. This sense makes him devote all his energies into developing himself a meaningful and useful future citizen of the country. He is always proud of his country, its history, culture and heritage.

An ideal student takes keen interest in social and welfare activities in his own way. He wants to make the world a better place. He studies the lives of great men and women of the country and draws inspiration from them. He tries to follow them and their teachings. He is never misguided nor suffers from any complex.

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