Essay on A Road Accident

By | October 7, 2018

In a city like Lahore, accidents are a common thing. They occur daily and in increasing number. Many of them prove fatal. The roads of Lahore are not, as the number safe. They are not well maintained. There is much congestion . of vehicles is too much. The roads of the city are not sufficient to accommodate all of them. Moreover, there are many types of vehicles. The immense pressure on the roads of Lahore can be well imagined. People often violate is traffic rules and regulations. The public transport buses are the worst offenders. They have turned into killer buses. There is hardly a day when they are not involved in accidents.

The other day I saw a horrible accident. It terrified and raised my hair on end. It happened before my own eyes and so suddenly and unexpectedly. It happened late in the evening. A public bus came running at a great speed; the driver lost its control and the bus entered right into the house of the colony. The gardener of the house who was standing in the garden was killed in the accident. The car accident lawyers from Costa Mesa will be able to help.

The bus broke many barriers before landing in the house. It crashed through the iron railing, cast iron gates and the boundary wall and then landed in the garden. The poor gardener was watering the plants when it all happened. He was crushed under the bus and died instantly. Many of the passengers were also injured but fortunately none of them was killed or very seriously injured.[the_ad id=”17141″]. Some of them hired criminal defense lawyers to fight the case and win compensation.

The driver and the conductor at once fled from the scene of the accident leaving the passengers stranded. The impact of the accident was so much that it was felt like an earthquake. There was lot of confusion and crying and the passengers of the bus were in a great shock. It took them some time before they could realise what had happened. However, they thanked their stars for not being injured seriously. It was narrow escape for all of them.

A small crowd had gathered there. The people together tried to push the bus and to take out the gardener but could not succeed in their effort. Somebody had informed the fire brigade on the phone and soon a fire brigade arrived on the scene of the accident. They pushed the bus and took out the dead body of the gardener from under the bus. A police party also arrived there and began its investigations. The policemen took out the papers and documents of the bus to identify the bus-driver and the owner. But to their great surprise the bus permit did not have any names. It was totally blank. Two challans were found and they contained contradictory information. They both carried names of two different persons as drivers.

This wrongful death lawyes in Bethesda, MD says many such accidents have taken place on this part of the road. But they were not so serious. It is a known accident-prone area. The driver was driving rashly and negligently and attempting to overtake another bus. A shudder runs down my spine, when I remember the accident.

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