Essay on Work Is Worship (600 Words)

By | September 22, 2018

Work is natural. What would be life without work? An empty and useless existence. It is work that adds meaning to life. Without work, life is dull uninteresting, boring and monotonous. Man is blessed because he has work and activity. And no good work is ever lost. It results in rich fruits and rewards. Work is worship and holy service. An honest labour is also praise and prayer to God. Idleness is a curse. It degenerates life and causes frustration

What man is today, he is because of hard work and continuous labor. Our and great civilisation , culture and history are the achievements of toil and sweat. Man is the crown of creation only because he is skilled capable of hard work but animals are not. His mind guides him to choose the right work and take to the logical conclusion.

Work leads to success and happiness. Many great works of art the Taj Mahal, Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Pyramids of Egypt or the big dams and irrigation canals are the results of very hard and continuous labour. It is said “Rome was not built in a day”. It simply means that every great and good thing is the result of very long and hard work.[the_ad id=”17141″] Nothing is impossible to hard work. Our literature, paintings, inventions, discoveries, conquests and triumphs are there because our forefathers worked day and night for centuries. Today man has conquered space, nature and diseases. It is all the blessing of his sweat, blood and toil.

As idle man is a most unhappy person, An idle brain is the workshop of the devil. Young men and wornen, if not suitably employed cause indiscipline, frustration and fall. Nations become great when their man power is fully and suitably employed. Without work, life is not worth living. See the invalid, cripple, retired or idle persons. How miserable is their life. They feel unwanted, unuseful and a burden. They languish and curse their fate.

A running water never stagnant. A water ever flowing is symbol of life, activity and work. It means labor, work, and purposefulness. While stagnant water represents decay, death, foul smell, inactivity, and rot. Absence of work is a punishment, a curse and a disease. Make a man sit idle and he will soon become weak, sick and die soon. Work is another name of health, vigor, joy, and happiness. Idleness is a great misfortune. Really that man is blessed who has found his work. He is only truly religious who are engaged in good work.[the_ad id=”17142″]

No work is small. Whatever your work, never despise it. If it is humble, make it great by your honesty, labor and excellence. It is never bad to make shoes. But it is bad to make bad shoes. It is sheer vanity to call any work as low. Labour dignifies man. And in return man dignifies labour. Never be ashamed to work with your hands. Nature has given us free and agile hands to be used wisely.

It is said man had a small tail. But it vanished because it was not used. If we do not work, and use our hands and skills, they would vanish. Take pride in your work and profession and do it honestly. Islam teaches doing of one’s duties faithfully. All religions advocate honest work. The path of duty leads to glory. One can never reach one’s destination if one does not walk. The faster one walks, the sooner one reaches the goal. But it is also important that one chooses the right road and goal. Idleness is no game at all. There is no joy and reward in idleness.

Leisure is enjoyable only after good work. Rest is meaningless without labor. Nothing is free in life. You have to earn your rest and sleep with labor and hard work. First work then rest is the secret of success and enjoyment. All great men and women have been great workers. For them, time was money. They felt there was much work and life too short. They never wasted even a minute. For them leisure was a luxury.

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