Essay on Pakistani Villages (500 Words)

By | September 27, 2018

The majority of the Pakistani population lives in villages. Pakistan is mainly an agricultural country. Agriculture means greenfields and villages. Most of the Pakistani people depend on agriculture. There are thousands of villages spread over the length and breadth of Pakistan.

A Pakistani village is a cluster of mud houses where a couple of hundred men, women and children live. Their houses are thatched with and such other material. The mud walls and floor are plastered hay with a cow. The people in the villages are utterly simple, honest, God-fearing and hard working. They depend on agriculture, labor and cottage industries Coupon for their bread and butter. They are still very poor, illiterate and superstitious. They are often victims of middlemen, shopkeepers, and landlords. They belong to weaker and backward sections of the society. People live peacefully together in the villages . The villagers enjoy many festivals , fairs There are often weekly markets . In some . and social gatherings villages, there are small regular markets where simple necessities of life can be bought. They often depend on a well or a pond for their drinking water. They go there to bathe wash and draw water for drinking.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The villages are dusty, dirty and without proper sanitary conditions. In rains, it all becomes muddy and sticky and the paths become impassable. Now, many of the villages have electricity and tap – water often lies here and there But still the streets are unpaved. The garbage which causes the spread of diseases. In many villages, there is no school of its own. And the children have to walk a long distance to reach a school.

Every village has its own mosque where people gather for worship and prayer. If there is a school, it is generally one teacher school. The students sit in the open or under a tree on the ground. In many of the schools, there are no blackboards and chalks. There are no police stations, dispensaries, and post-offices in most of the Pakistani villages.

But the atmosphere in the Pakistani villages is very healthy with fresh air, open green fields, and tension free life. The villagers keep cows, goats etc. and so have a good supply of milk for their families. A Pakistani villager lives amidst sunrises and sunsets and bright nature enjoying clear skies, glorious days. His life is simple and contented in spite of poverty. Villagers have their own simple games and means of entertainment.

Pakistani villages need much improvement and urgent attention. If villagers They are the soul of the poor, Pakistan cannot become rich and prosperous the country. All the efforts should be made to improve their condition. They reflect the real picture and worth of the country. Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and insanitation are the main problems of these villages. If these are solved everything will be fine and healthy. During the last 55 years, much has been done to improve the living conditions of the Pakistani villages. But still much remains to be done and achieved. Panchayats should be helped to have their own resources and power. They should be made popular and more effective. For this, their real empowerment is essential. It is only through them that real democracy can be there in the villages.

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