Importance of Good Health Essay

By | September 21, 2018

Health is Better Than Wealth

Physical fitness and health are of great importance. It is in the healthy body that a healthy mind lives. Without good and robust health, everything else becomes You may be rich and wealthy. You may have all the comforts meaningless of life but they are useless if you have poor health. A weak and sick person cannot enjoy anything. Without health, wealth has no value, no meaning. The real thing is enjoyment. If you cannot enjoy a thing, its possession has no sense. Only a healthy person can have peace of mind, success, and prosperity.

“Health is wealth” is an age-old and famous saying. Another saying goes even farther and says, “Health is better than wealth”. Yes, a healthy man can live happily with his labors even if he is poor. Wealth and material possessions do not make a man happy. Happiness is a condition of mind and body. A healthy person can be at peace even without wealth and physical fitness. He who has health has everything. He is full of courage, hope and will to achieve anything. He can succeed with his continued efforts. He can labor and exist. For an industrious person, nothing is impossible. Healthy people deserve the best. They are honored everywhere. People seek their friendship. Health, hope, and success go together.[the_ad id=”17141″]

It is our duty to keep ourselves healthy. It is against social morality to neglect health. The greatness of a nation depends on the health of its people and citizens. Weak and sick people make a weak nation. Such a nation cannot produce good sportspersons, soldiers, policemen, administrators or workers. The good moral character also means good health. Without good health, you cannot develop a strong moral character. Good moral character means preserving moral and ethical standards. A weak person cannot oppose corrupt people, not fight anti-social and evil elements. We need brave, bold and physically fit people to defend the country, to maintain law and order. On them depends our internal and external security.

That is why games, sports, and physical exercises are given so much importance in schools, colleges and universities. A lot of money is spent on developing the physical health of the youth.

Mental and physical health go together. It is the duty of every man and woman to keep healthy and fit. People should take some physical exercise daily. This habit should be developed right from early childhood. Playing games etc. are very useful. Morning and evening walks are also beneficial. In the early morning, nature is at its best. There is a lot of fresh air and peace.

Health is real boon and blessing. It is necessary for the poor and the rich alike. It is the first condition of success and happiness. All our heroes and heroines in different fields have always been very healthy persons. History is full of examples where only the brave and healthy have won in the battles. Life itself is a big battle. Therefore, take care of your health, preserve it and praise God if you have it. We should also see that our diet is proper and rich in vitamins etc. Diet plays an important role in keeping a person healthy.

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