Essay on A Rainy Day (500 Words)

By | September 27, 2018

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Here much depends upon monsoon and rains. Good and timely rains mean good crops and prosperity. Bad and poor monsoon means misery and drought. Rains are always welcome in Pakistan. They are awaited eagerly by all. Sometimes there are floods in some parts of the country. They cause a lot of harm. It was already the 15th day of August. The expected rains had not arrived. The onset of rainy season was delayed by a couple of People were feeling very uneasy and anxious. People often discussed weeks rains and weather. They often looked at the skies for rain-bearing clouds. The farmers prayed for the clouds and rains. It was sultry, humid and very unpleasant. The schools and colleges had already opened after long summer vacation. But the students could not pay attention to their lessons because of hot and humid weather. The fans did not provide any comfort. The relief was long overdue from hot season.

Then one day, suddenly, the sky was overcast with dark and large clouds in the north. Before it, there was a short dust-storm. It brought down the temperature. But real relief was yet to come and people heaved a sigh of relief in the sky delighted. There were thunder and lightning. The rumblings the expectant hearts. Then it started raining. People were taken unaware but they all were happy and cheerful on the onset of the monsoon. I was returning home from college. I had neither an umbrella nor a rain-coat. I rushed for shelter in a nearby showroom of ready-made garments. A salesman in the showroom was known to me. I was fairly drenched. The man offered me a towel to wipe off the rainwater then a comfortable seat. I thanked him for the help.[the_ad id=”17141″]

It rained by heavily and continuously for 30 minutes. All the roads, streets and markets were overflowing with water. For some time, the traffic came to a standstill. At some places, there was knee deep water. The Municipal,  authorities, were caught unaware. The drains had choked at many places. There were water and water everywhere.

Soon the children came out and started enjoying in the flowing rainwater. They were boys and girls between 10 years of age. Some were quite naked; the others half naked. They splashed water on one another, swam and jumped. They shouted with joy and ran after one another in excitement. They had all sorts of fun. Some small children enjoyed floating paper-boats. When the rain had stopped, I came out of the shoo and went home. The roads had become dirty, muddy and slippery. One had to walk with the caution that I reached home, took off my shoes and socks and changed my clothes. I took a chair and sat down in it comfortably in the balcony. My mother offered me a cup of hot tea and some snacks. I enjoyed the refreshment looking out on the scene.

It was all comfortable and soothing after a long hot summer. The temperature had come down considerably. The cool breeze was blowing. Even the animals and birds were very happy. They showed it in various ways. In the evening, there were more rains. At night, the croaking of the frogs could be heard. At long last, God was pleased to send clouds. They were all laden with water and water, the life-giving liquid.

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