Essay on Examination Fever

By | August 10, 2018

Experts do not agree about the usefulness of examinations. Some regard them a necessary evil. Others regard them as true test of labour and merit. They say that examinations inspire students to study and work hard. They present a. goal before the students. The other view is that they do a positive harm. They encourage copying, cheating and rot learning.

For students, the examinations are unwelcome. At the approach of the examination, the students are in tension. The very thought of examination makes them fearful. The fear of failure or low scores make them unhappy. They never feel easy and comfortable with the examinations. The approach of the examinations keep them disturbed.

Immediately before and during the examination, students suffer from a kind of fever. As a result of it, they are worried a lot. They suspend all their pleasure activities. They don’t visit friends, nor play games, nor visit cinemas. They concentrate on studies. They are very busy with books, notes and serious reading. They revise lessons, cram answers, discuss test papers and make a guess about possible questions. It is a very hectic period for them.[the_ad id=”17141″]

As the time of examination comes nearer, the fever becomes higher. It is the highest on the day before the examination. They don’t get sleep or rest. They get up very early in the morning and go very late to bed in the night. They burn the midnight oil, pray for success and seek blessings from elders and parents. They become superstitious and are in a grip of fear and unknown terror.

In the examination hall, they feel suffocated and terrorized. They get frozen at the sight of the question paper and answers evaporate. There is a lot of confusion and bewilderment. If the questions are difficult, a hell is let loose. If the questions are easy, the choice of the questions to be answered becomes difficult. There is nervousness, per separation and uncertainty. Sometimes, they find the questions out of the course. And it will make them giddy There are protests and boycotts.

In the examination hall, the examinees find the atmosphere oppressive. They order many glasses of water. Time seems flying snatches. Sometimes, the last bell goes and the invigilator the answer book, and a question may remain unanswered. Even after the examination, there is no let-up. They wait for the results anxiously. They make guess and calculate their scoring. When the results are declared some are jubilant of the examination, the system of others is depressed. A few sometimes commit suicide on failures. There are criticism evaluation and education. And the fever continues for some more time to come subsides, however, its intensity subsides.

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