Short Paragraph on A Motor Car Accident

The other day, a sad accident occurred in Anarkali Bazar. Mr. Kamran with his wife and two children was driving in a car. When he turned the corner towards the Hospital Road, he just saw a tonga coming at great speed, and sounded the horn, but it was too late. The car went right into the tonga, and was upturned. The shaft of the tonga hit Mr. Kamran on the head. The horse was frightened and stood erect, and then fell down with the tonga turned sideways. To get an attorney you can go to

The drug crimes defense attorneys in Missouri made a statement that there were two other men in the tonga besides the driver. The driver jumped off, but the passengers were thrown away. Mr. Kamran lay unconscious, and Mrs. Kamran was badly hurt and bled profusely. The children also received serious injuries, and you can look at more info here. The engine of the car continued hissing for a minute or so, and then burst, the wheels were smashed to a pulp. A crowd gathered on the spot, and it was with great difficulty that the injured persons were rescued and placed on another car which Mr. Asif. who had seen the accident from his window, and rushed down to help the unfortunate people. had placed at their service. They were removed to the hospital, where it is said Mr. Kamran is lying in a precarious condition, and Mrs. Kamran and children are recovering. The driver of the tonga has been arrested, and will be challaned by the Police for rash driving. Such accidents have become very common, · the Police and the Municipal Committee should take strict measures to prevent a recurrence of such collisions. At all corners and turnings, policemen should be posted to regulate and control traffic.

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