Importance of the Study of English (650 Words)

Pakistan is a developing nation. It is an emerging economy and industrially. Pakistan wants to grow fast economically. It is a noble aim but full of difficulties. For all this, people should be well informed, educated and their knowledge should be up-to-date. We need decorators, engineers, technicians, executives etc. And English is the only language in which expert knowledge in all these subjects can be obtained. It is also the storehouse of technical and scientific knowledge. It is also the international language. It is used throughout the business and scientific world. In such a situation, the importance of the study of English is very clear. Pakistan cannot neglect it as a means of instruction, training, and expression.

English is not a foreign language as Russian, French, German or Japanese is. It has been here for the last 250 years. Pakistanis are experts in the use of this language. No doubt it was introduced in the Sub-continent by the Britishers in the 19th century. Their purpose to make it a medium of instruction and expression was selfish. But English has played a great part here. It has helped in affecting and reawakening. It helped us in winning our freedom. [the_ad id=”17141″]It plays renaissance now a great role as a link language. Most of the educated Pakistani people speak and understand English. It is also the working language of the world body UNO. Pakistan has to play an important role in international affairs. Therefore, the study of English in Pakistan becomes very significant. Pakistan cannot afford to neglect it.

It is also important for national unity and integrity. People in the different areas of the country speak different languages, English is the only language they understand and speak. Though Urdu is our national language and yet it is not in a position to replace English. People of many areas don’t want to use Urdu. They resist the imposition of Urdu on them. If we know English we can go anywhere in the world and can feel at home. The study of English needs to be continued for national and international interest. It is narrow-mindedness to think that the use of English is a sign of slavery It is a harmful and mistaken view.

We should develop Urdu and other regional languages . But we cannot afford to neglect English. This is the age of science and technology. The world is changing very fast. Every day there are many inventions and discoveries Pakistan cannot keep pace with the fast moving development without the knowledge of English. Our scientists, engineers, diplomats, educationists, and leaders should have very good knowledge of English. To produce first-rate scientists we must continue with English. [the_ad id=”17142″]It is English in which all the literature, to stop the about important subjects is available. It will be suicidal use of English. It is our second language. It is the richest and most useful language of the world. The correct use of English by the Pakistanis has given us a great ver many other countries. What is best in science, culture, literature, philosophy and history is found in this language.

If Pakistan has not to remain isolated English must be taught and studied. We shall be better placed by its study. For our proper mental development, we should study the best thoughts, ideas, and literature. And it is freely available only in English. Many of our scholars and students go abroad for research and advanced studies. They cannot succeed without the knowledge of English.

English has come to stay for a long time. It cannot be removed in hurry. It should remain a medium of instruction and expression in learning. English a monopoly of England or America. It belongs to all those who use it. And Pakistan has been using it effectively for the last several years. It has to play an The future of important role in our national and international affairs English in Pakistan is assured and safe.

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