Short Essay on My House (500 Words)

By | June 8, 2018

There is no place like home. East or West home is the best. There are many phrases and sayings in praise of home and hearth.

They are true and based on long experience of life. They are really unfortunate who do not have their own house and home. A house is a shelter. It may be one’s own, taken on rent, permanent or temporary. It may be of wood, stones or bricks. But what makes a house a home is love, deep affection, and a sense of belonging  and togetherness.

It is good to have a house. But it is really great fortune to have a home, a sweet and warm home full of love and affection. There are millions and millions of and houseless.

people who are homeless I am really fortunate to have both. Our family is a small one. There are my parents, myself and our servant. It is a compact family. We love one another deeply. We are bound together in strong family bonds. Dinu is very much part of our family. We cannot think of the home without him. Dinu is so alert, watchful, loyal and devoted, he would never hesitate to sacrifice his life for our family.[the_ad id=”17141″]

My father strongly believes in one-child family. That is why I am the only son of my parents. They treat, the pet dog as their second child. We live in a three-room DDA flat. It has two-bedrooms, one dining-drawing hall, a big kitchen, two big balconies and two toilets. It is quite enough for three of us. There is plenty of room and we have been very comfortable. The flat is on the first floor. Our neighbours are cooperative and decent people. Our home is like a castle for us. We feel quite safe and secure in it.

The house is well furnished and decorated. The showcase in the drawing room is big and tastefully made. It is full of many valuable articles and showpieces. There are some rare art-objects in the hall. My mother is very fond of flowers. They are always there in the vases fresh, fragrant and colorful. We have all kinds of luxuries of modern life. They include fridge, colour TV, automatic washing machine, computer, microwave oven, car, music system, etc.

I have my separate room. There is a big study table with table lamp for my use. There is a small library. It has a collection of choicest books. There is an almirah in the wall. It serves as my wardrobe. I have my own walkman, camera and a computer. I use the walkman mainly to listen news bulletins. Sometimes I also enjoy classical and film music.

Our flat is airy, spacious and comfortable. In the winter there is a lot of sunshine in one of the balconies. In front of the flat there is a large common park. It makes the site pleasing and valuable. Children play there, elderly people walk and trees, flower plants and a lot of green grass. It is rest. There are some shady looked after by the welfare society of the colony. Our home is really a home, more so because it is so homely. I am proud of my house and home.

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  1. Ali

    Definitely house is heaven on earth . that is realy nice essay. keep it up . we also have done some work on your is excellent


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