A word of advice from father to his son (English Letter)

Examination Hall,
March 10, 2007.

My dear Son,

I received your letter the day before. We are glad to know that you are in good health, and enjoying your studies. Your mother had a severe attack of influenza last week. Thank Allah, she feels a lot better now. God willing she will fully recover very soon. Tariq and Uzma are as good, or as bad, as before. I know that you are very keen to get a good position in the examination and for that, you must be working very Kfeqd. However, you must remember that moderation is key to success. When the exams draw near some students get so crazy about studies that they do not sleep for more than a couple of hours. My beloved son, you shouldn’t do that. Be steady in your studies, enjof sound sleep, and spare some time for your morning walk. It will keep you fresh and Healthy, which is important for your good preparation for exams. Above all, take care of your diet. Never miss your meals to buy an extra hour for studies. Regular and proper diet will keep you healthy, and you know there is a healthy mind in a healthy body. I am sending you some extra money for your diet This is your ‘fruit money’. Last, but not the least, be punctual as ever in your prayers and the recitation of the Holy Quran. We always remember you in our prayers. We are really proud of you.

Yours affectionately,

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