Short Paragraph on A Motor Drive

A motor car is like a boon for the traveling public. I had seen motor cars rushing past me with a hissing sound, and had longed to enjoy a drive some day. I had occasion to go to Lahore. There I hired a taxi and drove round the place. I felt very happy at the satisfaction of a long felt desire, and I enjoyed the ride immensely.

As I drove in the car, I felt extremely comfortable. There is not jolting, no shaking of sides. It ran on smoothly. The carts, tongas, and carriages flitted past us, and we looked with disdain at these slow old-fashioned conveyances. It requires great skill to drive a motor car through crowded streets. The driver slowed down the pace. I was very nervous lest some accident should happen.

Little boys did not seem to heed the hooting of the horn, and would not get out of the way. The turnings, also, were difficult to manage, but the driver was an experienced man, and he controlled the car very successfully at such critical times. The speed and comfort both combined gave me great pleasure. At one place, however, at a little distance from the town, the engine broke down, and the car came to a standstill, What was the matter with it?

The driver got down, examined the engine, and in about fifteen minutes was able to set it right. We again proceeded on our way. It would have been inconvenient if the engine had not been repaired there. A great drawback in this conveyance is that if it breaks down in the middle of the journey, the passengers are helpless, but such accidents are rare.

All the day long I kept on moving in the taxi on the roads of Lahore. I took advantage of the taxi and visited some historical places as well. It was so comfortable journey that I was not tired at all. In the evening when I got home I was quite happy because I hard an unforgettable motor drive.

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