Paragraph on Town Life and Country Life

Villagers have advantages which we cannot have in towns. Fresh air, simple living, and beautiful natural surroundings make country life very attractive. Everything is so fresh. There is no smoke, no dust, no overcrowding, and suffocating. It is true that Pakistani villages are not mostly clean, as they ought to be, and the houses also are not so well-built, but the villagers spend most of their time in the open air, in the fields, and under the trees. The well with the cool shade of the Neem trees and the music of the wheel is an ideal place for a poet.

The villagers have no temptations. They have the freshest and best, though simple, thing to eat, and that is why they are so healthy, and seldom require the services of a doctor. They are strong and sturdy, and their red faces show that they have plenty of blood in their bodies. Their joys are also simple, and they are more frank and straightforward, and more sympathetic and hospitable than the city people. Their amusements are also simple. A marked improvement is now visible in the dwellings in the villages, and there is more cleanliness, also.

But, on account of their isolation, the village people are. mostly ignorant. They do not know what is going on in the outside world. Their life is stationary, and they are very conservative in their habits. In these days, the village people are becoming very fond of litigation, and they squander away large sums of money in frivolous cases. TIKS RSS In towns, of course, the advantages of educational facilities are very great. Schools. colleges and libraries help in the mental development of the people. The numerous good and beautiful things in the town enrich life, and make it more enjoyable: it is no doubt that there are a great many temptations, also which leads a man astray, and which only a strong man can resist. and this is the greatest drawback in large towns.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The health of the citizens is not good. They live in small houses, and the streets are narrow and over-crowded. In Lahore, there are houses where the rays of the sun never reach, and there are rooms where even at midday you cannot see anything without the help of a light. The majority of the people are, therefore, sickly, and have pale faces; and then, there is the smoke nuisance, besides the want of fresh air. People are overcrowded in shops and factories. Foodstuffs can never he had in a pure state. The noise and hustle of cars and carriages and machines is so great that no peaceful contemplation is possible.

However, in these days, cities are being improved with a view to removing all these defects. Parks and gardens are made, and the sanitary condition is being greatly improved. Houses are also better built, bazars and streets are being widened, and congestion is being relieved as much as possible. Better lighting arrangements now exist, and the water supply has also been greatly improved. Scientific drainage keeps the air free from pollution. Measures such as these have made Lahore a much better place to live in than it used to be twenty or thirty years ago.

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