Letter to your brother helping him in the choice of books

Examination Hall,
December 12, 2007.

Dear Amjad,

I haven’t received your letter for long. I hope you must be doing well in pursuing your studies at college. I know that you are very hardworking, and God willing, you will pass your intermediate exam with distinction. However, I always believed that developing a taste for reading good books is even more important than passing exams. I would suggest that you start reading historical novels, books on current affairs, reflective books on philosophy and religion and collections of eminent poets such as Ghalib, Iqbal, and Wordsworth. Spare at least an hour before going to bed, to read books on different topics. I assure you, once you develop the reading habit, you won’t be able to sleep without reading anything worthwhile. Besides, reading will bless you with peace of mind. It will stir your imagination and you will feel great delight in the company of books. Don’t forget to send me a letter. l’ll be interested to know the books you read during the last month.

Yours affectionately,

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