Letter to father telling him about your mother’s illness

Examination Hall,
August 21, 2007.

Dear Father,

I was much delighted to receive your kind letter just an hour ago. As usual, you encouraged me a lot and gave me valuable pieces of advice. The last part of your letter was, however, very disturbing for me. I am much worried to know about dear mother’s sudden illness. When Hast met her, she complained of an occasional headache. Since then I have been praying a lot for her health. Dear father, I am a bit relieved to know that she is not suffering from a fetal disease. It is a matter of consolation that she is getting the best available treatment and that her health is improving. I wish I could look after her day in and day out. I am coming home this weekend to attend my ever gracious mother.

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May Allah bless her and the family with sound health.

Yours affectionately,

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