Letter to a friend sympathising with him on his failure in F.Sc

Examination Hall,
March 5, 2007

Dear Friend,

I hope you are fine. I just received a letter from Ashfaq. He informed me about your F.Sc result. Like success, failure is also part of life. We should take it as a challenge, and make a firm resolve to do much better in the next attempt. My own example should be a good lesson for you. I could not do well in my Secondary School Examination. I never gave up. I worked hard, and in the second attempt, I passed the same examination with distinction, I hope you will concentrate on your studies this time. This will help you achieve good results in the second attempt If you can spare time, please do come and stay with me during summer vacation. If you have some problems in Physics and Maths. These are my favourite subjects, and I shall be glad to render you some help. Brother Naseer, may I say one thing more. Change your lifestyle. Avoid the company of some of your friends who are addicted to smoking and some other bad things. Be punctual in your prayers, and recite the Holy Quraan with understanding. These good habits will give you the peace of mind, which will help you regain your concentration. If you can concentrate on what you read, you will surely produce much better results.

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Pay my love and compliments to the family.

Yours sincerely,

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