Letter to a friend stating your first impression of the college

Examination Hall,
February 3, 2007

Dear Anis,

We have received your letter just now. You have asked me to share with you my impressions about the college life. For me this is an altogether different experience. As you know I have recently joined Government College Gujranwala. For me, this is an altogether different experience The college life seems to be quite different from school life. In the college we get rid of the threat of physical punishment. The college teachers are very friendly and encouraging. The workload is much less than what we had to bear with during school days. During the vacant periods, I visit the college library where I study my favorite books. In the college we can take part in activities such as sports, debates, quiz competitions and the like. The day before there was a speech contest organized by the ‘Iqbal Society’. I was encouraged by Professor Anees to take part in this contest. I was reluctant, but somehow I got my name entered for the contest. By the grace of Allah Almighty, I won the first prize. Now I feel encouraged-to take part in future contests. All of my teachers are very kind to us. They encourage questions. Sometime, I visit them during vacant periods and discuss with them different academic problems. Anis, I must acknowledge that this is the golden period of my life. May Allah help us to make the best possible use of the opportunities which the college life offers to us.

Yours sincerely,

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