Application to the principal, requesting to change your section

The Principal,
Govt. College.
A. B. C. (City)


With due respects, I wish to state that I have been directed by my class teacher to file an application for the change of section. I have recently joined the college as a I was residing in a different city prior to my admission here. I was awarded a scholarship there being a topper. I was placed in the section D here, but sorry to say that it is not meant for hard working students. I find all the students inattentive and gossiping even during the lecture. It becomes very difficult to concentrate on the lecture. On the other hand, teachers do not take pains to clear the concepts. As a result, my queries remain unanswered. Under such circumstances, how can I be able to produce results? I request you to change my section from D to A with immediate effect. I have learned that the atmosphere there is very conducive to studies and teachers also take extra pains to help their students. If you grant my request, I assure you that I will produce results of the highest quality in the final examinations. Thanks in advance

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May 15, 2018

Yours obediently,

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