Short Essay on Terrorism in English

Essay on Terrorism – 400 Words

Terrorism means the use of force and threats against persons, groups or governments for political or other purposes. Terrorism is not a modern activity. Hundreds of years ago, societies were not as organized of roads, telephones, regular as they are today with modem facilities police force, and so on. Then heads of strong groups of people, robbers, and warriors made use of force and threats to life and property to get their aims.

Now terrorism itself is quite an organized activity. There are terrorist or societies which train terrorists for their purposes organizations. Sometimes these organizations are supported by foreign governments and huge fúnds and modern weapons are easily provided to them. There can be some terrorists like robbers acting personally for limited purposes.

Firstly, a regular terrorist organization usually works against the government. offices and public places, It tries to damage key government buildings like railway stations and airports with bombs and destructive weapons. It kills people and destroys property in crowded places like market centers, bus stands, and railway stations. This sets the people against the government and causes public demonstrations. The bomb blasts and the resulting deaths and destruction in different parts of our country are an example of such terrorism.

A terrorist organization operating in a country usually gets money and weapons from foreign governments. It also joins hands with forceful groups or parties opposed to the government inside the country. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Second, nations or big communities within a country use terrorist methods to gain greater freedom or independence. Thus the Sikhs in India have been committing acts of terrorism to achieve self-rule in Punjab. The Irish people in North Ireland have been terrorizing the British government to force it to grant them independence.

Third, there are internal or international terrorists like Carlos who actively hijack planes or kidnap important or rich persons. They demand a huge amount of money for the release of prisoners or some political concessions for the return of the airplanes, passengers or the kidnapped persons. Air hijackings have been quite common.

Terrorism needs to be checked very carefully. The government should force all the people illegally present in the country to leave. It should force the refugees to remain in their camps all the time. It should make arrangements to stop the illegal flow of arms and money into the country from abroad level. It should have a really effective secret service which can report all kinds of terrorist plans. It may help the United Nations Organization to establish a special anti-terrorist international force. Other steps for checking terrorism take the use of the police or the army on a large scale can be discussed in newspapers, on the radio and TV (the mass media) and in the elected assemblies.

After the striking of airplanes with the American World Trade Centre, all the countries of the world decided to root out terrorism from the world. Pakistan is a peace-loving country and playing an active role against terrorism.

Essay on Terrorism – 500 Words

In any set-up, there are legitimate, legal and peaceful means of expressing displeasure and disapproval of certain policies of the rulers. By non-violent means, a group of individuals can attract the attention of the government and put forward their demands. A different method has come into existence. This is terrorism. A group of individuals decides to press for their demands by terrorizing people and the governments. They do so by indulging in violent activities in a secret way. They plant bombs and other explosive devices at public places, kill men, women and even children and destroy property. They blow up the railway tracks to blow up trains. They kill important political figures to strike terror among masses. They also indulge in mass killings. They hijack to press for their demands. Sometimes, they form suicide Squads which go about killing people and wreaking destruction by tying up bombs to their bodies. Terrorism has become a widespread and worldwide phenomenon. There have been terrorist activities in Palestine, Britain, Sri Lanka, the U.S.A., Arab countries, Israel, India, Pakistan and it seems that by and large, all parts of the world are affected by this menace of terrorism to a lesser or greater degree Tackling terrorism has become one of the most important tasks of several governments of the world.

[the_ad id=”17142″]The terrorists should be firmly dealt with. The government needs to tone up the Intelligence Wing of the police so that information about their activities can be obtained and pre-emptive action is taken. Besides, there should be strict, comprehensive and foolproof laws to bring the terrorists to book. However, laws and law-enforcing machinery can curb terrorism only to a certain extent. Certain other steps also need to be taken to effectively deal with this malady. For instance, the cooperation of the general public is very essential. People should not. panic. They should keep their heads cool and maintain communal harmony, as the objective of the terrorists is to bring about chaos in the country. Wherever possible, the terrorists try to incite communal hatred which may lead to a civil war so that they can overthrow the government.

The public should supplement the work of the police force by informing about any suspicious-looking object or shady-looking person moving about in a suspicious manner. Awareness among the public about the need to help the law-enforcing machinery goes a long way in tackling terrorism. The intellectuals of the country should come forward and denounce the terrorists from public platforms. Writers, journalists and poets should boldly write, condemning the acts of terrorism. This will inspire confidence and courage among the common men.

Religious leaders should also openly and clearly condemn terrorism. An appeal should go forth from mosques, temples, and churches against the acts of violence of the terrorists. The places of religion should not be allowed to be used by terrorists. The moderate elements in the society should separate and assert themselves so that the extreme elements get isolated. Efforts should be made at the international level too. Several countries, today are threatened by the malady of terrorism.

Last but not least, the government should sincerely look into the demands of the agitating sections. The reasonable and legal demands which can be fulfilled within the framework of the constitution should be acceded to. This will prevent the agitationists from aligning themselves with the terrorists. The rulers should never act arbitrarily or dictatorially, for this is bound to lead to, sooner or later, militant resistance which is the first step towards terrorism.

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