Essay on Patriotism (500 Words)

By | March 19, 2018

It is natural that people have a deep love, respect, and support for their country. This feeling gives rise to patriotism. Nationalism and patriotism are two sides of the same coin. Loyalty to one’s country is one of the strongest human sentiments. Patriots are the real strength of country. On the other hand, traitors are a source of great danger. They are like wolves in sheep’s skin. They never hesitate to betray their country for personal gains. A country has to guard itself against such elements.

Intense love and patriotism of the citizens make a geographical region a nation. The citizens are always ready to make sacrifices for their country. In face of a danger, all the citizens rise as one man and face it bravely. They regard no sacrifice great for their beloved country.

Pakistan has produced so many great patriots and freedom fighters like Ghazi Ilam Din Shaheed. They sacrificed their lives for the sake of their beloved nation. Some other great leaders and patriots are Sultan Tippu, Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula, Liaquat Ali Khan Shaheed, Dr. Abdul Qadir, Abdul Sattar Edhi and Imran Khan. We should draw lessons and inspiration from them. The young men and women should follow their examples.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Patriotism is essential for the progress and prosperity of a country, They are a must both in peace and war. Pakistan is full of millions and millions of patriots. They are ready to lay their lives for the country. They are the real source of Pakistan’s strength and wealth. But there are a few traitors as well. They act against the interests of the country. They pass on secrets to India and other hostile neighbors. They explode bombs, spread violence and create trouble. Such people should be exposed and brought to justice. They are a great danger. Pakistan has to be vigilant against them. Tax-evaders, black marketers, profiteers and corrupt officials are also not patriots. They are a disgrace for our country. They serve their selfish interests at the cost of the country. Patriotism is the foundation of a country.

Faithfulness to one’s country is a great virtue. It should be taught and developed in the youth. It means the deep interest in the development of the country. There are many occasions to show one’s patriotism. But the best occasion is during times of crisis. The common man’s patriotism can be seen in his labor, honesty, sincerity and proper discharge of his duties.

But patriotism should not be narrow and blind. We should also respect the rights and privileges of other countries. That is why it is said that “Patriotism is not enough.” Extreme and blind patriotism can lead to war, disorder, and disturbances. Nationalism should not go against internationalism and universal brotherhood. In this age of rapid scientific developments, the world is becoming a global village. The nations of the world are coming closer to one another. Patriotism should merge into internationalism. Now, no country can live in isolation. World cooperation and friendship is a must now. All men are equal and essentially one.

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