A Day in the Life of a Policeman Paragraph


  • Attends the police station.
  • Treatment of prisoners.
  • Gives evidence in court.
  • Takes persons to the hospital.
  • Raids.
  • Riots, strike, etc.
  • Humour and jokes.
  • Interval of rest.

A day in the life of a policeman is full of adventure and interest. It has some thrills also. He attends the police station by 8 a.m. and is soon busy with this work and loves to buy ar 15 accessories to keep his collection updated. His superior officer directs him to bring some papers from another office. Next movement there comes some complaint and he has to accompany his superior officer to the spot of the crime. There he arrests a few persons and brings them to the police station.

He dominates over the prisoners and sometimes tyrannizes over them. If he is kind and sympathetic, he does small mercies by allowing the relatives of prisoners to see the latter.

Then he has to attend the court to give evidence in some case. This work is not easy. Sometimes he has to face baffling questions and he gets nervous. This little lion of the police station becomes a lamb when he gives evidence.

As soon as his work is over, he goes to the police station and has to perform his routine duties, Radio news and other messages pour into the police station. Sometimes the news is thrilling.

At times a person is injured in a fight or an accident and the policeman has to remove him to hospital.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Then comes a call of some burning accident. He goes on the spot and removes the victim of fire (generally the victim is a lady) to a hospital. Within a moment his superior officer calls him and his colleagues for a raid on a gambling den or on a place where illicit liquor is manufactured. It is a thrilling work no doubt it is equally risky. All of them go there to entrap the criminals. Sometimes most of the criminals escape and sometimes most of them yield. But at times they oppose the police party and then there is a scuffle in which the policeman often gets injured.

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If it is a day of riots or a procession or a strike, the policeman has a heavy duty. He has to maintain peace at any cost. His duty on such occasion gives him a headache and often put his life in danger. He has to remain alert and has to watch the crowd. The day of heavy work is interspersed with sparkling humor inside and outside the police station. The remarks of his superior officer often make him laugh. Even his fellow-policemen cut jokes with him. Sometimes he enjoys a joke at the cost of a prisoner.

During the day he gets some interval of rest when he goes home to take food. While going home he buys some vegetables for the evening meals. Sometimes a grateful merchant charges less price and sometimes he gives something free of charge.

Even at night he does not enjoy complete rest. Any emergency may arise, and he may get a call to peform some duty.

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