Do good have good Short Story

By | January 6, 2018

Story on do good have good (250 Words)

The story of a lion and a mouse shows that all the creatures of Allah Almighty have a role to play. Sometimes the role played by a small creature is more significant than the role played by the bigger one. If we treat a small one nicely, maybe he will be able to pay back in his own time. The present story is a good reminder to the universal truth: “do good have good.”

Once there lived a lion in a jungle. He was very proud of his strength. By chance, a mouse also lived in a hole nearby. One day the mouse came out. He saw the lion sleeping. He came out of the hole and went near the lion. Then he climbed upon him and started dancing there.

The king of the jungle woke up. He saw the little mouse dancing on his body. This made him angry. He decided to kill the mouse there and then. But the mouse requested him not to kill him. The lion took pity on him and let him go. One day the lion was caught in the net of a hunter. His strength could not help him that day. He started crying. The mouse happened to come there. He saw the lion caught in the net. He decided to help him. He started biting the net with his sharp teeth. At last, he was able to tear away the net. The lion was free once again. He thanked the mouse and went away.

Do Good Have Good (350 Words)

The story of a slave and a lion shows that love begets love and one good turn deserves another. The strong and the weak, the rich and the poor need each other’s help. Therefore, cooperation is of great importance.

Once there was a slave. He was very hardworking. Unfortunately, his master was very cruel. The slave worked day and night, but his master never got pleased with his work. He did not give the slave enough food. Besides, the slave was abused and punished from time to time. He was upset. He could not bear this any longer. One day he decided to run away to some other place. He passed through a jungle. He was too hungry and tired to walk. He lay down and dozed off.

Suddenly he heard a noise. He saw a lion lying down on the ground. He was moaning with extreme pain. His paw was badly swollen as a thorn had run into it. The slave took pity on the lion and plucked out the thorn from his paw. The lion felt a great relief. Thanking the slave, the lion went away. After a couple of months, the master caught the slave. He wanted to punish him for his offense. it was decided that the slave should be thrown before a hungry lion. The slave was made to stand in an arena. A hungry lion was led by some hunters. The bystanders awaited the result.

The lion rushed towards the slave. But as soon as he came near the slave, he stopped and bowed down. The lion stood still and kept on looking at the slave. To the surprise of everyone there, the lion started licking the feet of the slave. The lion had recognized him. The lion knew that he was the same fellow who had plucked the thorn out of his paw. The slave’s master was much impressed by this incident. He set the slave free.

Moral Lessons

  • Do good have good.
  • One good turn deserves another.
  • Kindness never goes unrewarded.

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Do good have good meaning in Hindi

aacha Karo aacha paao

achha karo achha hoga

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