Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) and the robbers

By | January 5, 2018

This is a story of a child who had a firm belief in moral values, Truthfulness is a great virtue. It is acknowledged by all the communities, nations and civilizations. It makes people respectful in their own eyes, in the eyes of other people, and above all, in the eyes of their Lord.

Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) was a very pious man. He was a great Muslim scholar of his time. Since his childhood he had a great love for knowledge. When he was a small child, he set out for Baghdad for education. During this journey a memorable incident happened which had a lasting effect. This incident changed the life of so many people of his time.

Some robbers attacked the caravan. The robbers took away all the money and the belongings of the caravan. The young scholar was also carrying with him forty gold coins which his mother had given to him. One of the robbers came to the young scholar and searched him, but could not find any valuables.

He then asked the young scholar, “Do you have anything with you?” To his surprise, the young scholar told him that he had forty gold coins. “But where are they?” said the robber. “They are here,” said the young scholar and opened up the seams of his clothes. He gave the robberal the money he had. The robber was amazed at what he saw. He said, “I never knew that you had this much money. Why did you tell me that you had forty gold coins? You could easily hide them from me.” The young scholar said, “My mother has told me always to speak the truth. The advice of my mother is more precious for me than the gold coins.”

The robber reported the whole incident to his chief and other mates. They were much impressed by the truthfulness of Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA). They returned all the valuables they had looted from the caravan. This incident changed their life. They decided to reform themselves and gradually gave up all their bad habits.


  • Truth always triumphs.
  • Honesty is the best policy.
  • Virtue gets its reward.

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One thought on “Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) and the robbers

  1. basit

    bro it is faith basically , but here i think you dont get actual story. finally Allah bless you all, it is in our Islam to always speak the truth. in such cases like if you feel that 2 brothers will united on Islam there is permission to tell slight lie that meets the truth.


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