All Covet, All Lose (200 Words)

By | January 5, 2018

Once a dog lived near a butcher’s shop. He always got his food from here or there. He did not believe in hardwork for earning his bread and butter.

Anyway, he saw meat at a butcher’s shop. His mouth began to water. He kept on sitting by the butcher’s shop for bones. When he saw that the butcher was arguing with a customer, he stole a big piece of meat and ran away. He wanted to have his lunch in a garden across the canal. He was very overjoyed to think that he was going to have delicious lunch. He did it so many times without making any serious effort.

While crossing the bridge over the canal, he saw his own reflection in the water. He took it for another dog with a piece of meat. He could not overcome his wish. He wanted to get the piece of meat from the other dog’s mouth. He was overjoyed that if he would have two big pieces of meat for his lunch. He jumped into the canal and began barking at the reflection. In the process his own piece of meat fell into the water. He wanted to snatch another piece of meat but alas he lost his own. He became very sad for losing it.

Moral Lessons

  • All covet, all lose.
  • Greed is a curse.

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