Letter to a cousin congratulating on his success

Examination Hall,
July 17, 2007.

Dear Adeel,

With great excitement I got from toe hawker “Daily Nation* There was the Matric result, and I was thinking about you. I looked through toe paper once, twice, do not know how many times, but your roll number was not there. I was disappointed. But on a little reflection I realized that I was turning the pages without remembering what exactly your roll number was. So I rushed into my room, looked through my diary and found the lucky roll number. I took up toe paper again and there your roil number was beaming at me through the print. It was the first time I had realized that even cold print has life in ft. I told everyone in the house about your wonderful good marks. Please accept my heartiest congratulations and convey them to uncle, aunt and the other members of the family, We are eager to hearing from you about your future plans. Adeel to be honest, I am more interested in knowing your plans about the grand tea party. Congratulations on this big occasion. I am sure you will soon join a college and will then feel so grown up, independent and, perhaps, a little more intellectual. I wish you a happy and successful career.

Yours affectionately,

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