How to Write an Essay, its Types and Key Points

Essay writing is a skill which is most needed by us, and perhaps, which is most better by us. In essay writing, the views, opinions and facts are structured in a systematic and formal way.

There are three main types of an essay which the students can array:

  • Descriptive essays which describe a person, place or event.
  • Narrative essays which describe a story have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Reflective essays which critically analyze a certain point of view.

Selecting the Topic

Select the topic for your essay which interests you most. Select neither a too difficult topic nor a too easy one. If you can write a humorous essay only then touch a humorous topic: otherwise select some other which is of your liking.

Thinking and collection of material

Having selected a topic think on it for a few minutes. Explore the depth of your mind and bring out all relevant material. Do not think that this time is being wasted. It is, on the other hand, the best use that the time reserved for the essay can be put to. Jot down on a piece of paper all the ideas or points that come to your mind.

Selection of ideas of relevant points

If your have too many ideas the need for selection of the important and more necessary will arise. For example, if the topic is ‘War’ you may be confused as to which aspect of it should be described whether to give a description of wars, the horror of wars, the history of wars, the desire to wage to was or the measures to put an end to it. In such a case select the points which seem significant and can serve your purpose.[the_ad id=”17141″]


Thoughts may rush. into your mind but it will be a disorderly rabble entering the portals of your mind. It will not be a disciplined army, the sight of which will impress the spectator. So, your disordered thoughts need to be properly arranged. See which should be given the first place, which the ‘second and so on. Pruning and planning will invest the same material with greater charm; order and arrangement will make it look a chiseled product with proper finish.


It is said that well begun is half done and this is very true in the case of essays. To create a good impression on the reader or the examiner make your first paragraph, nay the very first sentence, arresting. The first paragraph should be a general one. The essay can begin with a quotation, with a story, with a humorous or profound remark or even in an abrupt manner.


Divide the essay into a number of paragraphs. Do not mix up differing ideas in one paragraph. Let it contain just one idea or similar ideas. The body of the essay should have certain qualities. There should be unity. i.e., only one subject should be discussed. The irrelevant matter should be excluded. Do not begin an essay till you have. thoroughly understood its scope, e.g., on the essay, ‘A Cinema Depicting a Literary Subject, you are not to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Cinema or its general effect upon man for it is beyond the scope of the topic.[the_ad id=”17142″]

There should be coherence in the essay and the ideas should have a logical connection. Arrange your thoughts properly and then present them in a logical manner. The ideas should not be disjointed or jumbled up.

The proper proportion should be observed between the various parts of the essay, i.e., present the different ideas in a balanced manner. The introduction conclusion.or one paragraph describing- one idea should not be disproportionately long. Do not waste too many words in the introduction so that when you are going to begin the discussion of the topic the time for the essay has finished.


Just as an introductory paragraph is needed, a concluding paragraph is also very important. A good ending will give the finish to the essay and will not let it look incomplete.

The conclusion should be short and natural; the ending should not be abrupt. It may contain some striking sentences, or sum up the ideas given in the body of the essay and give the writer’s point of view about the topic under discussion. The conclusion should leave a good lasting impression upon the examiner.

Points to Remember

  • Understand the topic fully
  • Think about it and collect as much material as possible
  • Write down all the points.
  • Select the points that your would like to incorporate in the essay.
  • Arrange your points in a proper order.
  • Give a brief but good introduction. Let the first sentence be striking.
  • Different ideas should be developed in different paragraphs.
  • The body of the essay should have unity and coherence. The ideas should follow a logical plan.
  • Add a concluding paragraph in which you give some quotation, or sum up the ideas or give your personal opinion.
  • Revise your essay.
  • Let it not be too lengthy or too brief.

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