An honest woodcutter (300 Words)

By | January 5, 2018

An honest woodcutter

This is the world of the false show. Many times we show dishonesty to get temporary We never realize that only honest work can give us satisfaction. The gains story of an honest woodcutter shows that honesty is rewarded not only in heaven but also in this world.

An honest woodcutter (300 Words)

An honest woodcutter (300 Words)

Once there lived a woodcutter in a village. He was very poor. At the same time, he was very gentle and honest. He believed in hard work. He earned his living by selling wood in the town. Once he was cutting a tree near a river. His axe slipped from his hands and fell into the river. He became very sad. He did not know what to do. He looked upward and prayed to God for help.

Just then an angel appeared there. He asked the woodcutter what had happened. The woodcutter told him the story. The angel felt sorry for him. He dived into the river and brought out an axe. This axe was made of pure gold. He gave this gold axe to the Woodcutter. The woodcutter refused to take it. He said that it was not his axe. The angel once again dived and brought out another axe. This time the axe was made of silver. He gave this silver axe to the woodcutter. The woodcutter again refused to take it. The angel dived into the river for the third time. This time he brought out an iron axe. The woodcutter felt happy to see his own axe. He thanked the angel for this help. The angel was much impressed by the honesty of the woodcutter. He gave him al the three axes as a gift and disappeared.


  • Honesty is the best policy.

  • Truth always triumphs.

  • Virtue gets its reward.

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