Unemployment – Short and Long Essay

By | December 27, 2017

Essay on Unemployment (350 Words)

Unemployment and Ways of Dealing with it Unemployment is a serious problem not only for our country but also for the advanced.countries. The number of educated as well as uneducated unemployed people is increasing every year.

In our own country, we find increasing unemployment in different fields. Thousands of B.A.s and M.A.s are idle as they cannot even get the jobs of clerks, ordinary office workers, and teachers. Thousands holding the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees cannot get jobs in research laboratories, centers of scientific work, factories, and so on.

In our country (and in most other developing countries), we find hundreds of thousands of unemployed laborers and farm workers in villages. The use of tractors and other machines on the farms has made a number of villagers idle. Otherwise, too, most villagers are under-employed. They only work regularly and with effort when crops are being sown or reaped (cut). For more than half of the year they do a little bit of work here and a little bit there, and then sit idle.

In the cities, we find many thousands of unemployed laborers and skilled workers. These people do manual work (work by the hand) and generally, earn daily wages. They are often unemployed for days and weeks together. [the_ad id=”17141″]

The government should open new factories and industries at as many places as possible. Unemployed laborers and skilled workers will be able to work there. There should be more offices, scientific research centers, schools and colleges where our educated young men and women can work. Unemployed people should be ready to do all sorts of work. The students who cannot get proper jobs after their studies are over should be ready to work manually in factories and on farms.

Industriaļists should expand their factories or set up new ones to provide work to a larger number of people. Big, landowners should cultivate more of their lands to provide work to unemployed laborers and farmers. Small (cottage) industries should be set up in villages. Increased industrial and agriculture production will cause an increase in the exports and trade of the country. A large number of unemployed people will get busy with export and trade.

Unemployment should be reduced to the minimum level. It is necessary for the progress and prosperity of every nation.

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Essay on Unemployment (500 Words)

Unemployment (usual) is an economic term. Employment means occupation. To engage in doing something productive is to be employed. So unemployment means the absence of employment. When people are out of work, they are said to be unemployed. Unemployment is a worldwide problem. Even rich and advanced countries like the U.S.A., U.K., and France suffer from unemployment. In Asian countries, unemployment is at its highest peak. Pakistan is no exception.

Unemployment is a social evil of far-reading consequences. It spells starvation, disease, and death on its victims. They have no education, no culture, and therefore, no concern for right and wrong, good and evil. Dishonesty, corruption, crime, sin, and vices of all kinds prevail in society, where the population is unemployed on a large scale. Politically unemployment breeds discontent in the masses. Votes are sold and bought. Revolutions and mob violence are the results of unemployment. People busy in finding out jobs for them cannot pay attention to their rights and duties as citizens. Moreover, when the large portion of the population is unemployed, no effect to increase the national income can succeed.

First, our system of education is paid to general and liberal education. Our country is an advancing country and needs skilled hands. The teaching institutions turnout a peculiar type of young man who hates manual labor. He is good for nothing except reading books and dreaming of high in society.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Second, our country is not much advanced in the industry. We cannot absorb all our young men in factories. Moreover, they are not skilled. Third, in our country, a few privileged persons are keeping all the key industries to them. If work and leisure are equally distributed, all men will have enough of work and enough of leisure. But the educated young men and common men have neither the capital nor the opportunities to try their luck in business. Lastly, in our country, the birth-rate is very high. The resources of the country are not enough to maintain such a large population. People are more and jobs are few. The result is unemployment.

Keeping in view the consequences of this evil, the Government of Pakistan is doing much. It is already running 23 Employment Exchanges. The National Man Power Council runs a National Employment Bureau which helps the Pakistanis to get jobs. Recently, two Youth Employment Services have been set up. They give vocational guidance to young people and assist them in finding jobs suited to their taste and ability. Labour Department has set up  Technical Training Centres at various places and more are being established. But in spite of all this, much more is needed. Production should be stepped up in agriculture.

The country should be industrialized to provide new channels of employment. The concept of education should be changed, the planned distribution of wealth should be ensured and the population must be kept within reasonable limits. It is only after a long-time struggle that we can get rid of this evil.

Essay on Unemployment (600 Words)

Modern man is more worried about the problems of flesh and blood-food, fashionable dresses and recreations. Very few care about the food of the soul-prayer and supplication. The majority is discontented and unhappy. Economic yard-stick is used to measure or assess these problems. One of the burning problem all over the world is unemployment.

Every body has to work for livelihood, to put the body. and soul together. Gone are the good old days of peace and plenty when head of the family worked and supported the whole family. Things were cheap and surplus. There was little class competition.

Income and employment are related terms in Macro Economics. In the short run, national income depends on the total volume of employment or economic activity in the country. The problem of unemployment has greatly agitated the minds of economists, governments and planners. Pakistán is no exception to it. Unemployment in the country is increasing due to various reasons.[the_ad id=”17144″]

When the working force increases more than the stock capital in the country, the entire labor forces cannot be given productive employment. This results in long-term.employment. Secondly, in an under-developed country like Pakistan, capital formation does not keep pace with the growth in populations. The labour force increases every year. The increase is greater than the proposed persons to be employed, The labour market is limited. There is large scale unemployment in urban areas and disguised employment ini villages.

Thirdly industrialization has led to mechanization. The two go hand in hand. Mechảnization has caused the displacement of human labor. The work performed by a group of people can, now be done by single machine. Then, there is a seasonal unemployed in agricultural areas. Rural population generally becomes idle after harvesting season. Many of them move to urban areas in search of jobs. This leads to urbanization and its allied problems.

Again balance of income and employment can be maintained at less than full employment level. Some are bound to be unemployed. The result. is cyclical employment. There is too much capital than the demand for services and goods.

Again balance of income and employment can be maintained at less than full employment level. Some are bound to be unemployed. The result. is cyclical employment. There is too much capital than the demand for services and goods.

It is impossible to achieve full employment inspite of best govt. efforts. Some must be unemployed. Unemployment is the most serious problem facing the country. The basic cause is unchecked growth in population. Unemployment is the Achille’s heel of Pak economy. The govt. and the planners are helpless. More persons are added to the unemployed pool every year. Lack of social conscience on the part of business community has added to the gravity of the problem.

Feminine factor has also added to the problem. Both the husband and wife work. The result is: Some have two pieces of bread; some have no bread at all. Men are unemployed. Moreover, the children of rich people have greater and better opportunities for employment than the children of the poor. This is a social injustice. Nepotism, favoritism and recommendations deprive many deserving people from employment quota system is another handicap for others.

All planning is in vain.

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