Essay on The Uses of Newspapers

By | December 28, 2017

The Uses of Newspapers Essay with Outlines

Outlines for The Uses of Newspapers

  • almost all literate people read newspapers carelessly or closely

  • newspapers provide us a lot of information about national and international affairs in different fields

  • the newspaper is also a suitable medium of entertainment

  • newspapers should present a true picture of society

  • when newspapers can function independently when the public knows democratic principles and is educated

  • newspapers play a central role in a nation’s life

“Newspapers bring all the happenings and goings-on and future plans around the world with comments each day to thirsty eyes and ears.”

Newspapers provide us with the latest news about the political affairs of the country. They describe in detail the policies of the government. They describe the activities of different political leaders. Newspapers give us useful information about the economic affairs of the country. They tell us about the prices of different articles about food production, Industrial Production, and so on. Even proper advertisements in newspapers, besides adding to their income, introduce industrial products and job opportunities (chances) to the people. Ads are also a source of. useful information regarding rent and sale of houses and plots of land, marriage possibilities, foreign travel, and so on. They promote comparison and contribute to development.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Newspapers tell us what is happening in different fields of national life, for examples, in education, religion, science, etc. They show us the picture of the whole society. Newsnapers publish news about other countries. They inform us about what is happening abroad in the political, economic educational, military and other fields. We can learn about important events taking place in the world by reading a newspaper. Thus, we learn about wars, revolutions, earthquakes, floods, etc. in different parts of the world. We learn about the different functions the UN is performing in various fields of economic uplift and international trade and relations between states. The editorials of popular newspapers are useful commentaries on national and international affairs.

Newspapers are also an effective medium (means) of entertainment. They publish humorous essays and stories. Every now and then, they tell us about social matters like debates, public meetings, fairs, transport problems price levels, art, literature, religion and so on. Newspapers should try to present a true picture of society without fear or favour. They should never try to mislead us. They should criticize all those persons who are harmful to society, however, powerful they may be.

Of course, the press can work independently only when the public knows democratic principles and desires to act on them. So there is a need to educate and inform the public about the meaning and benefits of true democracy. Newspapers and magazines play a central (or crucial role in a nation’s life. They inform the people about the facts and open their eyes to the realities. But when any newspaper begins siding with a political party or group of people for money or benefits, it starts going against the high aims of journalism.


The Uses of Newspapers Essay with Quotations

“In this age of information revolution, no one can afford to remain uninformed.”

[the_ad id=”17142″]It is a fact that the newspapers were not so popular than they are today. The importance of newspapers can be judged from the simple fact that they are meant to: inform, entertain and educate. They are the part and parcel of every educated community.

“Newspaper is one of the foremost wonders of the modern World.”

A modern man cannot think of ignoring or missing the newspaper. A newspaper is a breakfast item for the educated people. The newspapers act as the instrument of making and changing man’s opinion. They also reflect the picture of a society.

There are many roles of a newspaper. A newspaper can be a window to the world. It brings the news of the whole globe to us. We can know about the world by just keeping an eye on the newspapers. World trends of politics, business, peace and war, social and economic can be seen through a newspaper.

The newspapers reflect the stability of the Govt. In Pakistan, success or failure of a Govt. is judged from the news and views about Govt. Newspapers are regarded as the makers and breakers of Govt. in Pakistan. Lots of political activities are seen on the pages of newspapers. They can easily be called the political observer of the country.

“Newspapers are the World’s mirrors.”

For a student, newspapers serve the purpose of a general knowledge book. Most of our competitive exam and interview questions are newspaper based. In this regard, can be said that a newspaper in hand is better than ten books. A newspaper provides up-to-date and even the latest information that lots of books miss or cannot offer.

[the_ad id=”17150″]Another attraction of the newspapers is that they are meant for everybody. The educated can read while the illiterate can hear the information from the newspapers. At the people, irrespective of their age and liking can find something of their interest in the newspaper. Businessmen, teachers, doctors, sportsmen, Showbiz people and even the children all have a chance to go through a newspaper.

The newspapers have a great commercial value. They are a reliable source of propaganda, publicity and job offers. They have the permanent readership of a large number of political, business and unemployed people. All the roles of a newspaper are very effective and quite impressive. They can make a hero zero, offer employment to an unemployed and find a match for a bachelor.

“Newspapers always excite curiosity.”

The importance and effectiveness of newspaper is quite clear. They inform, educate and entertain all the members of a society. They are such guides as no one can afford to ignore.

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