Letter to the DPO Requesting to Control Crimes in Your Area

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City).
September 05, 2019

The District Police Officer,
ABC Circle,

Dear Sir,

Subject: Request to take special measures for controlling Crimes.

The daily newspapers are full of the news of crimes in this city. The situation of law and order is worsening day by day. Daylight robbery at gunpoint has become the order of the day. Everyone in the town is under a constant threat. It seems that we are living in a society of brutes. No place is safe from the onslaught of the criminals. [the_ad id=”17141″]This lawlessness actually started with small acts. In the beginning, the Criminals Were involved in the activities of snatching mobiles from the wayfarers or snatching handbags from the ladies shopping in the bazaars. As no action was taken against the culprits, the situation is worsening now.

In our locality, two criminal acts were Committed in the same fashion. it shows that there is one gang who is in action at different places. It is the inefficiency of the police department that the Criminals have never been traced. Instead, the police parties posted at different places tease the peaceful citizens.

Everywhere in the world, the police department works in a scientific way, but here the situation is quite otherwise. Criminals work in a systematic way. Consequently, innocent people are at their mercy.

You are, therefore, requested to investigate such cases yourself so that you may come to know why your system is not working properly. I hope you will give due consideration to my humble submissions and take a certain step to ensure law and order in the town.

Yours faithfully,

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