Letter to editor about the importance of public park

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City).
September 05, 2011

The Editor,
The Daily Dawn,

Dear Sir,

I want to draw the attention of the public to the importance of public parks. In Western countries, they are regarded as the lungs of big cities. But unfortunately, the trend of going to the parks is not very popular in our country. Parks are few in number. They are not properly maintained. The parks that are in a good condition have the entry fees. Common people cannot visit them regularly. Moreover, parks are regarded as useless things by our public.

Parks provide an opportunity for healthy activities for the people of all ages. The atmosphere of the parks provides a health-giving atmosphere to the old people. They can go there twice a day. The pure air is of great value for their weak lungs. A stroll in the morning and evening keeps them fit. They can have light exercise to keep their muscles active and quick.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Parks are an ideal place for children. If there are parks in residential areas, children can have fun there. After the day-long labor, they need physical exercise. It is necessary for their physical growth. In the parks, they can play different outdoor games with the other children of the neighborhood. In this way, they can also develop a sense of Co-operation among themselves.

Separate parks should be set up for ladies. These parks should have proper boundary walls so that they may have physical exercise at liberty. Our ladies remain indoors most of the time. They develop certain diseases simply because they do not find any opportunity to relax. If they visit parks at least once a day, they can keep themselves fit. The fitness of a woman is necessary to keep the home in an ideal condition.

Parks are necessary to keep the people fit and active. The country that has fewer parks does not have healthy citizens. Properly maintained and properly guarded parks give people a chance to remain healthy, active and fresh. in this age of pollution and hectic activities, they provide us shelter.

Whenever we are free or we want an escape from the dull routine of our daily life, we go to parks and get refreshed. Such visits heal up our broken nerves. They are necessary for our mental and physical fitness. It is the duty of the government to provide parks in every residential area. it is our duty to keep them neat and clean.

Yours faithfully,
Χ.Υ. Ζ.

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